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Founded in 2009, ours is a brand that strives for excellence in every aspect of manufacturing the perfect piece of jewelry.

Having been involved in jewelry making for the second generation in a row no work is ever too insignificant for us and no profit is placed above the relations and bonds we establish along the way. We offer jewelry at competitive prices without compromising on the quality of the end product.

Being the second generation of jewelry makers and traders is also what helps in achieving the perfect balance between traditional and trending. With stocks ready for delivery, customization services, and dedicated customer care, we are able to meet our customer expectations every time.

While our constant endeavor is to deliver extensive choices that cater to a wide spectrum of your customer base, we mainly carry mounts and eternity rings in platinum and 18-carat gold. At the same time can easily accommodate your preferences and specifications regarding which diamond to use.

We adopt an honest approach in everything from sourcing the stones and metals to setting them in designs that truly shock and awe.

Mayru Gems

Mayru Gems
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